GNUPG – Email encryption and signing – full setup on Mac OSX

To sign and encrypt emails on Thunderbird one can use PGP keys. To understand the cryptography behind it and read more about PGP, please use Google. This post will just describe the setup on Mac OSX. #1 Install Thunderbird I will let you figure out that one by yourself. Get it here. #2 Install Enigmail… Continue Reading GNUPG – Email encryption and signing – full setup on Mac OSX

SSH-Agent forwarding

Some notes on the side about SSH-Agent forwarding so the private key does not need to be put on to systems you’re connecting to, but you can still tunnel onward: Hoarded Homely Hints – Configuring SSH: Always Forwarding Your Agent And some cool SSH Tricks in general plus some explanation: tychoish – 9 awesome ssh… Continue Reading SSH-Agent forwarding

Keep VirtualBox GuestAdditions updated

In order to keep the GuestAdditions in sync with your VirtualBox (VB) version, I am using dotless-de’s vbguest Vagrant plugin. See their documentation for usage. If the configuration of a local file path for the ISO file does not work with the following error (maybe Windows specific): Downloading VirtualBox Guest Additions ISO from C:/Coding/vm/dev/Vagrantfile/VBoxGuestAdditions_5.1.0_RC1.iso ==>… Continue Reading Keep VirtualBox GuestAdditions updated

My node setup

When coding node, I like this setup: Tools: NVM to manage node installations and versions Packages Nodemon – Listens for file changes and automatically reloads the node server – For anything WebSocket When working with Angular: Angular-CLI Angular Material